Send Secrets via WordPress

Make sure confidential information like passwords you send to clients are secure and can only be used once!

Sending confidential information is a potential security risk

Research suggests that the average person has between 25 and 35 unique login credentials they need to remember. No wonder that nearly 40% of people forget a password at least once each week.

You as well might send passwords or confidential information to clients, most likely by email. This is the dream for hacker. When a hacker gains access to your inbox or the inbox of your client, you’ve got a problem.

For this purpose we developed the Send Secrets via WordPress plugin. This plugin lets you send confidential information like passwords to any email address, and the information will be destroyed right after the credentials have been displayed once.

Install the Send Secrets via WordPress plugin

  • Download the plugin
  • Install the plugin into your WordPress site
  • Activate the plugin




Create the "revealing secrets" page

The plugin will show the secret you have shared with your client on a page you have to create first. This way you can personalize it compleetly to your liking.

  • In the top menu hover “new” and select “page”
  • Design the page as you like
  • Include the shortcode [stand_alone_send_secret] where you would like to “revealing secrets”


Download the Send Secrets for WordPress plugin for free.